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The information below can be considered general knowledge. It can be assumed that your character had an opportunity to come across this information in their travels or that if they were to 'look it up', this information would be straight forward to obtain.

RoE Bestiary

This is a complete compendium on all the different creatures in the universe of RoE.

These creatures are split into two types:

Playable - Creatures that are playable by player characters. Anything in this category are considered to be the Mutant Race. It is imperative that the player state in their titler that they are Mutant, followed by what sub-race of mutant they are, for example "Mutant Creature: Orc".

Non-Playable - Either too powerful, or Non-sentient, too feral, or creatures not capable of complicated thought or organized groups that may only be played by Story Tellers as NPCs. Usually encompassing monsters or mundane creatures/animals.

*It is possible for a cybernetic to be in the shape of a feral creature, but must appear robotic/metal. No android/synthetic animals.

*It is important to note; you will not find every creature/animal in this list, due to the fact that when the Earth's poles and oceans were shifted, during the gate incident, and mass pollution, many species have gone extinct, What is left are all that was able to live naturally, due to being apex predators, or saved by sentient intervention.

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Name Description
Giant Giants are humanoid-shaped creatures of great strength and size. Quite rare and are often seen alone hunting in the wastelands. Never properly mingling with society. Primitive speech.
Half-Giant Beings that have one parent that is a giant and another parent that is a different species. Usually smaller than normal giants, but larger than normal creatures. These humanoids, if they mingle with society, are often severely mistreated.
Lizard-Folk Lizardfolk are primitive reptilian humanoids typically standing from six to seven feet tall. Their scales are normally dull, earthy colors such as green, brown, or gray. They have a tail for balance, which measures three to four feet long. Typical weight is between 200 and 300 pounds (90 and 136 kg). There are several species of lizardfolk however, and these can range from 3-foot-tall (0.91 m) pygmies to 9-foot-tall (2.7 m) giants. They are very intelligent and work together in massive hoards, but never properly organize themselves, They live off the land and reside in the rocks and wastelands of Earth, they are hardly seen, but are always feared. There is a conspiracy theory on Earth that they secretly control EarthGOV and massive corporations from behind the scenes.
Troll troll is a class of being in Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore. In Old Norse sources, beings described as trolls dwell in isolated rocks, mountains, or caves, live together in small family units, and are rarely helpful to human beings, usually violent towards all other creatures. They are often of low intelligence.
Goblin goblin is a small, usually green creature from European folklore, Roaming the Earth in tribes since the medieval times. They are almost always small and grotesque, with a long spaded tail, and large pointed ears. Mischievous or outright evil, and greedy, especially for gold and jewelry or shiny objects. They speak in a cockney accent, and are actually quite adept in crafting or engineering. Most goblin's either have packs full of items they have stolen, or are decked out in engineering garb and tools.
Ogre An ogre (feminine ogress) is a legendary monster usually depicted as a large, hideous, manlike being that eats ordinary human beings, especially infants and children. 
Satyr Similar to Centaurs, and close allies of them, but choose to live separate lives, Satyrs are Humanoid creatures with the upper body of a Human and the lower body of a Goat.
Halfling Similar to humans except about half as tall, but unlike Gnomes, choose to live in society with others who will accept them. Are often discriminated against and used as slaves.
Gnome Small humanoids that are said to live and work underground, highly intelligent inventors with their own society, governments, and technology, separate from Humans, whom they share the planet with.
Gnoll A wild primitive greedy humanoid creature that resembles a hyena. Roams in packs in the wastelands and are extremely territorial. Females are dominate, while males are subservient to the females.
Orc Ugly and filthy humanoids usually with green or dark skin, tusks, muscular bodies, and primitive speech, some come with impaired intelligence, but some can be just as intelligent as humans. They have spent centuries warring with humans, only recently settling down and mingling with society, however, they are usually looked down upon and treated or used as slaves or grunts. Orcs are known to be extremely short tempered and hard to get along with, even with other Orcs. They constantly try to assert dominance by proving themselves in battle.
Half-Orc the Half offspring of Orcs with Drevii, Mytharii, or Humans.
Dokkalfar A race of ancient space elves who started a war with the Verga'an before the beginning of Human history. The Dokkalfar are actual descendants of the Drevii race, but they will never admit to this. They turned their back on Venus long ago and made it clear they want nothing to do with the Imperium, Opting to start their own race of people. However, with no homeworld to reside on, they live forever on their ships, that sail the solar system. This has changed their skin coloration to a dark tone, and their hair colors to white or dark. They always have red eyes, but most wear armor (seen in picture). To some they are considered "Dark Drevii".
Kobold Very small, very crafty, but often primitive humanoids that come in two tribes, Unna'furs; which are dog-like humanoids, and true Kobolds; which are lizard-like humanoids. These two tribes constantly war with each other, but no one knows why. They are known to be short tempered and extremely greedy. These races are usually used as work slaves or laborers.
Tiefling Tieflings are are Voidling-halves and the most common type of Magika Mutant. They lack any Void or super natural powers, or wings, like full Voidlings, but they were either born near Dark Magika, or one of their parents was a Voidling. They usually have horns, glowing unnatural eyes, unnatural skin tones, and long horned or spaded tails. They are not immune to dark magika corruption and are still mortal.

Non-Playable NPCs/Monsters/Creatures

Name Description
Abtu and Anet Two identical fish that according to Egyptian legend swam in front of the prow of the sun god's ship on the lookout for danger. Native to Earth and Mars.
Acidus A small dragon that lives on Venus and spits bile and acids at enemies.
Adamantoise Monstrous turtles with similar characteristics to a dragon, sharp claws, and teeth can bite into tanks. Native to Titan.
Alerion A bird the color of fire, with razor-sharp wings, Native to Venus.
Alicanto A mine shaft-dwelling bird that feeds upon gold. It is pursued by miners. Native to Titan.
Amdarias Massive giants with eyeballs all over it's body. It shoots beams of destruction from these eyes and breaks things with their hands. Native to the Void.
Amphisbaena A serpent with two heads, one at either end, Native to Titan.
Ant Ants harvest grain to store for the winter. Some mutate and grow giant. Native to Earth.
Antelope An animal so wild no hunter can approach it. Native to Earth.
Ant-lion A dangerous mutated beast-ant the size of a man with pincers that can crush people and tear vehicles in half, Operates in organized hivemind swarms. Native to Earth.
Ape Called "simia" because it is similar to humans. Native to Earth.
Asp A serpent that blocks its ear with its tail so as not to hear the charmer. Native to Earth.
Ass An animal that is slow and resists commands, usually used to carry goods. Native to Earth.
Arachnoid Creature with characteristics of both a human and an arachnid, most often a spider or scorpion. Native to the Void.
Avian Winged humanoids with the traits and characteristics of a bird, are highly intelligent and live in cities in the clouds on Titan. Mortal enemy of the Mytharii.
Aquatic Humanoid creatures that with fish-like features, such as gills and fins, that are native to Neptune, living alongside the Anshirii, but never leave the planet.
Badger A dirty beast that bites. Native to Earth.
Bahamut A legendary immeasurable cosmic fish which is often used to describe the spaces between Light Realm, Earth, and the Dark Realm in old Earth myths. Native to the Void. It is said to sail somewhere in the cosmos, but noone has ever truly seen it.
Banshee A legendary Voidling also known as the "woman of the fairies". She does not have a distinct shape, but is instead described by her keening wails. Legend on Earth, Native to the Void. Very few have encountered it, when it emerges from the void, and lived to spread the tale.
Barnacle Goose A bird that initially grows from trees. Native to Venus.
Basilisk A common yet powerful mutant that inhabits Earth's wastelands. It's said to be the king of the serpents. It is a massive half bird, half lizard. It's odor, voice and even look can kill. Also extremely poisonous!
Bat A rodent-like bird that gives birth to living young, and drinks the blood of the living. Native to Earth. Many have mutated into large terrifying blood sucking monsters.
Bear A common dangerous furry carnivorous beast of the woods equipped with shape claws and fangs. Native to Earth. Some have mutated over time and become even more powerful or dangerous.
Beastmen They can possess varying levels of intelligence, from moderately self-aware to viciously cunning, though they mustn't necessarily be malicious. Races of beastmen may be the result of magical experiments gone awry, failed breeding attempts, or gods that still haven't settled on the form of their mortal subjects. Native on any terrestrial planet.
Beaver Hunted for its testicles, it castrates itself to escape from the hunter. Builds dams with it's tail. Native to Earth.
Bee an insect that collects pollen and builds hives. They are said to be be small birds, born from the bodies of Oxen. Mutations cause them to become giant and dangerous. Native to Earth.
Behemoth A massive muscular creature that is often likened to an elephant or a hippopotamus but with terrible horns. Native to Titan and terrorizes the Mytharii there. These creatures spawned from and take their form from a demi-god that resides in the green Void/Realm, and is the guardian of the green dimension, ruling under and serving the green god himself; "Ul'El'Baren". The Demi-God lives in the Void with the other 2 green demi-gods; Ziz and Leviathan, protecting that realm. The titan Behemoth's are mortal creatures that merely split off from the Demi-God version, which is much more powerful.
Bittern A bird that makes a booming noise.
Blackbird An agreeable bird that sings in April and May. Native to Earth.
Boa An enormous snake, found on Earth, that feeds on cattle
Boar A savage wild pig or hog. Native to Earth.
Bonnacon A beast like a bull, that uses its dung as a weapon.
Bull A large beast found on Earth, usually farmed for their meat.
Burak A horse-like creature with long ears and the wings and tail of a peacock. It may also have a man's face. Native to the Void.
Caladrius A bird which can tell if a sick man will die, and can cure disease. Native to Venus.
Camel Camels can endure thirst for three days and prefer to drink muddy water. Native to Earth.
Carbuncle A magika fox like creature, with a Magika stone in it's forehead. When it is held against the sun it resembles a burning coal. Extremely rare. Resides in the Void.
Cat An animal that is hostile to mice and often kept as pets to Humans. Native to Earth.
Centipede Centipedes are arthropods with one pair of legs per body segment. If the head is cut off, a new head will grow. These mutated on Earth to immense sizes, easily able to crush cars and toss around tanks. Native to Earth.
Centaur A humanoid creature with the upper body of a Human and the lower body of a horse. They live away from society, are rarely seen, and work in tribes, with hardened warriors protecting them.
Celestial Ethereal, light-aspected, demi-godl servants of the god Nom'Ani, whom are often mistaken as "Angels" in the extremely rare event that one is seen. Celestials are supernatural spirit guardians created and appointed with tasks from Nom'Ani. They assisted in the creation of the universe. Native to the Void.
Cerastes An exceptionally flexible serpent with horns, Native to Titan.
Cerberus A monstrous three-headed black dog with red eyes, that is tasked by the Gods to guard Void Rifts so mortals cannot enter. Native to the Void.
Charybdis A legendary sea monster of Neptune. She takes form as a huge bladder of a creature whose face was all mouth and whose arms and legs were flippers and who swallows huge amounts of water three times a day before belching them back out again, creating whirlpools. She is said to have come out of the deep unexplored depths of the abyss.
Chimera Although it may have several different forms, the chimera is most often described as a three-headed beast. Sprouting from its back is the head of a goat, a lion's head at its front, and a snake's head as its tail. It resides in the Void.
Chinese Dragon One type of Earth Dragon Compared to the Western Dragon, this dragon is considered divine and holy. It is often seen with antler-like horns and protrusions running along its spine. The Chinese dragon is often pictured with a pearl: the source of its power. It is said to be extinct, as they are so extremely rare, the last one seen was in medieval China.
Chonchon A mythical bird  It has the shape of a human head with feathers and talons; its ears, which are extremely large, serve as wings for its flight on moonless nights. Native to the Void.
Cinnamologus An Arabian bird that makes its nest from the fruits of the cinnamon tree. Native to Earth.
Cock The cock is a bird that can tell time. Females lay eggs which are a Human delicacy. Native to Earth.
Cockatrice A massive mutated version of a cock with a flaming tail and a lust for killing creatures smaller than it. They have a very sharp, horny beak used for killing, and extremely terrible talons. Native to Titan.
Crane At night cranes take turns keeping watch for enemies. Also stands on one leg. Native to Earth.
Cricket An insect that likes to sing, forgetting all else. Native to Earth.
Crocodile A large aquatic lizard that weeps after eating a man. Native to Earth.
Crow A long-lived bird that foretells the future and is rumored to work for Death. Native to Earth.
Chupacabra The legendary dog-like animal that is said to roam through where Mexico used to be in the old world. The Chupacabra is blamed for mysterious livestock deaths. It is not clear if any survived the gate incident.
Cyclopes A large race of ancient rare giants that have only one eye and are extremely powerful. They are able to fire a destructive beam from their eye, but it drains all their strength. There hasn't been one seen in over 2500 years. Native to Earth.
Doppelgänger Also known as the Double, the Doppelgänger is best described as a man's exact counterpart. A Voidling shapeshifter that uses trickery through out history. Native to the Void.
Dog A small mammal native to Earth that hunts in packs, and usually forms bonds with Humans.
Dolphin Dolphins gather in schools at the sound of music. Native to Earth.
Dove A bird that is a symbol of Love. There is meaning in the various colors of doves. Native to Earth.
Duck An aquatic bird. The ducks of Pontus feed on the poison in the sea. Native to Earth.
Eagle A bird with eyes so strong it can look directly into the sun
Eastern Dragon Quite similar to the Chinese dragon of the same region, the Eastern dragon takes roughly the same form, but may be lacking wings. The pearl is also the source of its power, and they can make themselves invisible if they so wish. It is said that they are extinct now, as they have not been seen since the medieval ages.
Echeneis This fish clings to ships and holds them back. Native to Earth.
Eight-Forked Serpent A massive serpent with eight heads and eight tails. Its eyes are a deep red, and trees are said to grow along its back. Native to Titan.
Elephant Massive land creatures with tusks and immense power. Mytharii, Persian, and Indian soldiers build wooden towers on the back of elephants and fight from there. These appear both on Earth and Titan.
Elementals Living Magika some call them. Elementals are spirits made manifest of the Magika stones and their respective Gods, and come from the Void, wielding the powers of the Magika stones. They are often made up of Magika stones themselves and come in many types.
Ents Beings that reside in the void, protecting the Green God, they resemble trees and rocks until you get close.
Familiars Creatures made using the pure will of their summoner and energy from Magika. These are magika creatures that can only be summoned and take almost any form, and use magika abilities to protect or serve their summoners.
Fairies Fairies are described as beautiful, tiny people that like to meddle in the affairs of humans throughout history, but are rare and elusive to find, to the point that most consider them myths, due to their ability to dive back into the Void at will. Native to the Void.
Falcon A predatory bird. Native to Earth.
Fastitocalon A monstrous fish that is feared throughout Neptune for destroying boats. It's back is said to resemble a Island and would lure sailors and travelers that visit Neptune to their Doom.
Fish Aquatic creatures. The number of species of fish is uncountable. Native to Earth.
Fox A crafty and deceitful animal that never runs in a straight line. Native to Earth.
Frog Amphibians that can leap and swim. Land frogs die if exposed to rain. Some are extremely poisonous. Others have mutated to be large and aggressive with their poisons. Some have become so large, they can swallow people. Native to Earth.
Ghost There are many different types of Ghosts. These are spirits of mortals that have been removed from their mortal shells and pass into an afterlife in the void for the rest of time. It is said that spirits who refuse to go to the afterlife come back to the mortal plane in the form of ghosts to finish something that is keeping them around. However this is rare. Their forms are Ethereal and cannot touch things when in the mortal plane and cannot be harmed by non-Ethereal weapons. Some are Evil and some are not. They usually haunt the places they inhabited when they died.
Ghoul Usually horribly mutated humanoids that lack any culture and resort to cannibalism. Native to Earth's wastes. They are said to be the remains of survivors of the gate calamity still roaming the Earth, cut off from society for decades and forming their own clans within Dark Cities.
Gillygaloo  A bird which nests on mountain slopes and lays square eggs on Titan, which lumberjacks use as dice.
Goat A horned animal that likes to live high on mountains. Native to Earth.
Goofang  A fish ("about the size of a sunfish but much bigger") which swims backwards to keep the water out of its eyes. Native to Titan.
Goose Geese can smell the odor of man better than any other animal can. Native to Earth.
Golem This creature was created for the purpose of doing menial chores, and was controlled by a magic tablet placed under its tongue. Normally apathetic and unaware, if uncontrolled the creature enters a wild frenzy. Formed from Magik, native to anywhere. Only Phages can create them.
Giraffe A beast that looks like a camel but has the spots of a leopard. Native to Earth.
Griffin The griffin is best described as an eagle with the body of a lion, and is very strong. Native to Earth.
Hare A timid beast that runs fast. Native to Earth.
Harpies Creatures with a vulture's body, a woman's face, and an insatiable hunger. They are described as having filthy genitalia and a foul smell about them. However, there are some complex societies of them and there have been a few known to mingle with some society, but this is extremely rare. Native to Earth.
Hawk A bird that has great courage in a small body and is sometimes worshiped by Humans. Native to Earth.
Hedgehog A beast that carries away grapes on its sharp quills. Native to Earth.
Hercinia A bird with brightly glowing feathers. Native to Titan.
Heron A bird wise above all others. Native to Titan.
Hide  A many-eyed octopus-like creature shaped like an animal's hide. Native to Neptune.
Hidebehind A strong, nocturnal creature which feeds off the intestines of its prey. It captures and hides from wayfarers in the woods by sucking in its body so that it can hide behind the trunk of any tree, or the person trying to look at it. It is said they have an aversion to alcohol.
Hippogriff A legendary failed experiment by a scientist named Virgil that escaped, he tried to create the world's first Splicer, by combining a Horse with a Lion, and an Eagle. It began breeding, as a male and female was created and is a common monster native to Earth.
Horse A horse is a horse, of course, of course... Used mostly for riding. Native to Earth.
Hsiao An owl-like creature with a man's face, an ape's body, and a dog's tail.
Hsing-T'ien  A headless creature with eyes on its chest and its mouth on its belly. Native to Titan.
Hua-Fish  A flying snake/fish that foretells drought. Native to Venus.
Humbaba  A giant that guards mountain cedars, he is scaly, with vulture claws, lion paws, bull's horns and a tail and penis with snakes' heads at the ends. Native to Titan.
Hundred-Heads  The hundred heads was said to be a gigantic fish with many heads, each one that of a different animal. Legend holds that the fish was the reincarnated spirit of a monk who had often called others "monkey-head" or something similar. The karma of these insults had made him return as a monster. Native to Neptune.
Hydra A sentient carnivorous fungus with tentacles that whip any living creature that passes by to protect itself. They are immobile and live mostly in wet/damp areas such as caves, usually in mass.
Hydros A water snake that makes those bitten swell up. Native to Titan.
Hydrus The enemy of the crocodile, which it kills from the inside. Native to Titan.
Hyena A dog-beast that eats human corpses and is said to change sex. Known for it's cackle. Native to Earth.
Ibex A beast with horns so strong they can save it from a fall. Native to Earth.
Ibis The dirtiest of birds because it feeds on corpses. Native to Earth.
Insectoid Alien creatures of other planets that are not part of the Hi'vaa race, but are closely related. Usually primitive and not as organized or as intelligent as the Hi'vaa. They live in massive hive cities on asteroids or other unused cold places in space, and are extremely xenophobic. Very rare creatures to see.
Jabberwock A hideous beast with wings, massive mouth, tail, and clawed hands it uses to rip men apart. It fears the living however.
Jaculus A flying serpent. Native to Venus.
Jay A very noisy bird. Native to Earth.
Jörmungandr also known as the "Miðgarðsormr" or the World Serpent, this is a massive snake that can devour whole cities that the Ancient Verga'an fought off of Earth to protect medieval humans.
Jinn/Jenie Magikal spirits that come from Islamic legends. Some are evil some are kind spirits that grant wishes, while others trick those who ask for selfish things by playing pranks on them. They are Ethereal creatures and cannot be harmed with anything but magik. They live inside the Void, but are summoned with magik relics. They are lead by a demi-god known as "Ifrit"
Kingfisher A bird that calms sea storms with Magika stones it swallows. Native to Titan and Earth.
Kite A rapacious bird that feeds on carrion. Native to Earth.
Kraken A sea monster that is often described to resemble a giant octopus or a giant squid. Native to Neptune.
Kujata A giant bull with thousands of eyes, nostrils, mouths, and feet. Native to Titan.
Lamb The lamb knows by their voice its own parents. Used by humans for their Wooly fur. Native to Earth.
Lamia Half woman and half serpent, these creatures are said to have sprung from one of god's varied love interests. They are thought to be sorceresses, and although they cannot speak they whistle sweetly. Native to Earth, are mortal enemies of the Naga.
Leontophone A small beast that is deadly to Myharii warriors. Native to Titan.
Leopard A large predatory cat. Native to Earth.
Leviathan A massive water serpent Void entity that is a demi-god of the Blue Magika. Keeper of the Water elemental.
LEVIATHAN Unit LEVIATHAN units are a top secret project of super soldiers EarthGOV Corporation was working on. They were determined as failures because of their violent need to kill anything, even EarthGOV employees and uncontrollable nature.There are only six units.
Leucrota A composite beast with a mouth that stretches from ear to ear. Native to Titan.
Lion A massive predatory cat. The lion is the king of the beasts. Native to Earth.
Lich Extremely powerful necromancers and phages that emerge from the Void and usually carry special relics that intensify their powers. Some Lichs are undead themselves, animated by Dark Magik.
Lilith  A malicious Voidling that is a queen breeder of Voidlings. She was rumored to be the first Human until she fell into the Void and became corrupted by Dark Magika. She resides in the Void, having sex with Voidlings for all time.
Lizard When the lizard goes blind, it looks to the rising sun. Native to Earth.
Lynx Another large predatory cat. The urine of the lynx hardens into a precious stone. Native to Earth.
Mandrake / Mandragora A plant with human-shaped roots, that shrieks when it is pulled from the earth. Native to the Void.
Manticore A monster of the Void that has the face of a man, the body of a lion, and the tail of a scorpion.
Maya Giant insects that have attached themselves to a living host which they lure those creatures to their death by hiding the rest of the insectiod bodies underground. Native to any terrestrial planet.
Mimic Voidlings that can assume the form of any objects or people to lure victims to be murdered so they may collect their spirit energy.
Minotaur A monster with the head of a bull and the body of a man. Only resides in the Void, protecting a labyrinth where the Green God resides.
Mole A blind animal that lives in the earth. Native to Earth.
Monocerus A fierce beast with a single long horn. Native to Titan.
Mouse A small animal that is born from the soil. Native to Earth.
Muscaliet A beast with the body of a hare, tail of a squirrel, teeth of a boar and steals precious stones. Native to Titan.
Naga Humanoids that have serpent like lower bodies and reside mostly in the deserts, living most of their lives alone, only coming together to mate. They make dangerous warriors and practice with sword play. They worship a Queen named "Isis", which the Human Government; EarthGOV, named their space station after, as the leader of EarthGOV witnessed this Queen and lived to pass on the tale.
Namazu This beast is said to be a giant catfish that lives beneath the surface of the Neptune and causes earthquakes with its movements. Native to Venus.
Nasnas A creature shaped like half a man, with one leg, one arm, one eye, and half a heart. Native to the Void.
Newt A lizard with spots like stars on its back. Native to Earth.
Nymphs A minor female nature deity typically associated with a particular location or landform. Different from other goddesses, nymphs are generally regarded as divine spirits who animate nature, and are usually depicted as beautiful, young nubile maidens who love to dance and sing, but mostly reside in the Void and rarely come out. Extremely rare.
One-Eyed Beings Giants that appeared on Medieval Earth that had only one eye in the center of their heads, Said to fire beams from that single eye that could destroy an entire village. This race is thought to be extinct.
Osprey A bird from Ireland that is well suited for fishing. Native to Earth.
Ostrich A bird that can digest anything, even iron, but is careless of its eggs. Native to Earth.
Owl The owl is a dirty bird that prefers darkness to light. Native to Earth.
Ox The ox is a strong beast that can predict the weather. Native to Earth.
Panther A gentle, sleek, black large cat. multicolored beast whose only enemy are dragons. Native to Earth.
Parandrus A beast that can conceal itself by changing its appearance. Has a Horn. Native to Titan.
Phoenix A bird made of flame that flies over Venus skies once every 100 years, signaling the a new century, then dies after it's flight, only to be reborn and live another 100 years before flying again.
Pard A swift and deadly beast that kills with a single leap. Native to Titan.
Parrot A Earth bird that can live up to 100+ years and mimic human speech.
Partridge A deceitful bird that steals other birds' eggs. Native to Earth.
Peacock A bird with a terrible voice and flesh too hard to cook, Native to Earth.
Pegasus A Celestial being that has been seen by mortals, becoming the legendary horned white horse with a pair of wings that is resides in the Void. Carries immense White Magika power with it. Resides in the Void.
Penanggalan A Voidling horror that was originally a usually a female midwife who has made a pact with the Voidling to gain supernatural powers. Having broken the pact she has been forever cursed to become a bloodsucking vampire/demon. These Voidings are a horrific sight. Said to be Floating disembodied heads with the spines and intestines still attached and dragging behind.
Quail Quails cannot be eaten, because they feed on poisonous seeds. Native to Earth.
Ping Feng  A black pig with a head at each end. Native to the Void. Brings bad luck.
Pygmies 27-inch dwarfs mentioned by Pliny and Aristotle, two Verga'an, who inhabited the mountains on Asgard, waging war on the cranes that attacked them for three months a year. These tiny dwarf people have been violently fighting with the Verga'an for centuries. Native to Asgard.
Rabbit A smaller fatter version of the Hare. Native to Earth.
Ram A horned hill beast similar to a Goat. Rams were the first animals to be sacrificed on alters. Native to Earth.
Rat A small nasty animal that have spread to every corner of the solar system due their ability to slip into anywhere.
Raven The raven will not accept its young until their feathers turn black. Has ties to Dark Magika. Native to Earth.
Sawfish The sawfish has enormous wings and likes to race against ships. Native to Earth and Neptune.
Scitalis A serpent with such a marvelous appearance that it stuns the viewer. Native to Venus.
Scorpion The scorpion is a legged sand-worm that stings with its tail and releases poisons. Mutations cause them to grow massive. Native to Earth.
Seps The poison of the seps consumes both body and bones. Native to Neptune.
Sheep The sheep is a defenseless, placid animal. Native to Earth.
Snake A poisons serpent. Some mutate to massive sizes. Native to Earth.
Sparrow A small weak bird. Native to Earth.
Skeleton Magikally animated bones of a deceased creature, usually used as familiars for necromancers.
Slime Slimes are an amorph/flan-type multi-gendered creature that are master shape shifters and range in various levels of intelligence, native to Venus. Cutting a Slime only makes it multiply.
Rukh A giant violent bird native to Titan that eats Mytharii whole in one bite. Native to Titan.
Roc Enormous birds legendary for their stone beaks which they use to punch holes in armored prey and vehicles to pull men out of them to eat.
Sand Worm There are many different types, these massive worms are often bigger than trucks, even as babies. Once they grow, they hide in the sand and feel for vibrations in the sand, before emerging and swallowing everything it can into its gaping mouth. Native to Titan and Earth.
Slamander Not to be confused with the Earth lizard. These creatures are giant Lizard like flame elementals that come from the Red God's domain in the Void to bring destruction. Native to the Void.
Sirens Rare dangerous creatures, who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island. Native to Earth.
Spectre Are spirits trapped in this world that cannot return back to the Void. Because of this, they are extremely angry with any living being. Others may attempt to haunt the living to get them to help them return to the void.
Spider A insect that preys on all other insects and builds webs to trap its prey in. Is commonly feared. Is especially prone to mutations that alter it's size, allowing them to become enormous and prey on men. Native to Earth.
Stag A drink made from the tears and the heart bones of a stag is a cure for troubles of the heart. Native to Earth.
Stork A large dorky bird. Two crows lead flocks of storks when they cross the sea to Asia. Native to Earth.
Succubi/Incubi A succubus is a voidling with the appearance of a beautiful woman that seduces men to steal their energy during sexual encounters. Incubi are the male equivalent of a succubus. Resides in the Void.
Swan The swan sings most sweetly just before it dies. Native to Earth.
Swordfish A fish with a pointed beak it uses to sink ships. Native to Earth.
Talos An autonomous bronze and steel giant mechanical golems made on Asgard to protect the planet from invasion.
Thanatos A powerful demi-god that only resides in the Void, some mistake him for the grim reaper, he is the personification of Death, and drags souls back to the void with him when they pass.
Trent A earth elemental that protects the forest, usually takes the shape of a humanoid tree and wields massive power, but is slow. Native to the Void, protecting the Green God's Labyrinth/
Tiger A large striped predatory cat. Tigers are remarkable for their strength and speed. Native to Earth.
Vampyre Powerful Voidlings that require blood to sustain their immortality and can only appear at night from a Void Rift. They are weak to Silver.
Western Dragon The greatest of all serpents on Earth. The most common of all Dragons on Earth. large, fire-breathing, scaly, horned, lizard-like creature; the creature also has leathery, bat-like wings, four legs, and a long, muscular prehensile tail. They collect precious elements and stones and make their nests on top. They are extremely intelligent, and extremely rare. They can even speak mortal languages, and live for eons. Their blood is known to have magika properties. Native to Earth.
Wyvern Also known as Venusian Dragons. Winged serpents that fly the skies of Venus. They are sometimes kept as loyal pets to the Drevii, others cannot be tamed. Only hold the intelligence of a common dolphin. Native to Venus.
Weremytharii Dark Mytharii that have become corrupted by the Void, a Voidling, or a Dark Magika stone during a blood moon, from then on, every full moon, they are forced to turn into a ravenous beast cat with extremely powerful claws.
Voidling Vampires, Wraiths, Demons, Hellspawn, Evil Spirits, Devils, Oni, Yokai, call them what you will, these creatures are the "Demons" in the RoE universe. Voidlings are a supernatural, often malevolent being prevalent in religion, occultism, literature, fiction, mythology and folklore that emerge from the Void (usually the dark void/realm) and are malicious in nature, serving under the Dark god; "Zom". These creatures are no fallen angels though -- They are created for the purpose of spreading darkness and misery.
Void Shivan Ancient Shivan that traveled into the Void, becoming corrupted by it and living there, practicing it's ways for eons. They become powerful Phages beyond comprehension. They carry relics that amplify their Magik abilities, able to cast pure beams of destruction. They are distinctly different, yet similar to Lichs.
Viper Related to the Snake. The young of the viper eat their way out of their mother's side. Vipers have more potent poisons than Snakes. Mutations recently cause them to grow large and deadly to even Giants. Native to Earth.
Vulture The vulture is a slow-flying bird that eats corpses. Native to Earth.
Wakwak A hideous mutant bat humanoid creature that flies and swoops down on victims. Native to Titan.
Weasel A wild small animal that fights Snakes and Vipers. Native to Earth.
Whale the largest aquatic mammal that looks like a massive fish and can swallow small ships. Native to Earth.
Windigo A massive white Yeti said to reside in snowy mountains with immense strength. Native to Earth.
Wolf A dog-beast of the woods that hunts anything it can eat, and moves in packs. Mutations cause them to grow large and even more dangerous. Native to Earth.
Wraith Wraiths find themselves trapped between our plane and the void. Compelled to remain partly in each world. They form when an obsession or duty that they did not get closure on the topic. They become warped and vengeful, over time, confused and lacking proper mental stability. Wraiths haunt tombs and or ruins and will attempt to slay anything that disturbs them. They are usually completely invisible, save for the armor or weapons they carry. Their items can be damaged but their bodies are ethereal and not of this plane, so ethereal weapons must be used.
Will-o-the-Wisp A creature similar to a mimic that can take the form of attractive lights that dance around to lure travelers close only to steal their spirits. They are Ethereal creatures and cannot be harmed by physical weapons.
Worm Worms are insects born from flesh without intercourse.
Yale A beast with flexible horns that it can move at will. Mytharii hunt these. Native to Titan.
Yetti A legendary northern snow beast man, known for immense strength and it's illusive nature. Not one has been documented officially before. Thought to be related to another legendary creature known as " Big foot ".
Zaratan A sea creature of such immense size as to be confused for an island. Native to Neptune.
Zombie Magikally reanimated corpse of a creature, brought back to do a necromancer's bidding.
Ziz It is considered a giant animal/monster corresponding to archetypal creatures said to be large enough to be able to block out the sun with its wingspan. It is a Demi-God of Air, and the Yellow stones. Commanding Yellow and Wind elementals. It rules in the Void with Behemoth, and Leviathan.
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