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Blood Corsairs
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Territory Unknown


The Blood Corsairs are an infamous and ruthless space pirate guild. Made up of rogues, criminals, thugs and technophages that work under the red banner, trading guns and dealing drugs on the black markets. They are deadly thieving scoundrels that will stop at nothing to steal your credits They typically wear a black primary colour with a red secondary colour to mark their ranks.

(Please approach a pirate ICly to join their ranks)

OOC Info:
Faction Alignment: Chaotic Evil - Chaotic Good

Pirate cruiser 2a

Pirate Cruiser

Code of the Pirate

OOC Concept

The Blood Corsairs are the sim's canonical Space Pirate faction.  This faction are a place to live out your sci-fi villainy dreams.  The group is set up to be one of the “evil” factions, motivated by looting and pillaging.  Space battles, ground battles, violence and credits, we're a faction for those who want to live the pirate lifestyle with a gun in one hand and a cyberparrot on their shoulder. 

We thrive on the conflict of others, feed on their resources as pirates, and generally do our best to be masters of our own space.  Each individual Corsair is considered equal to another, with the Captains serving less as overlords, and more as leaders of free, wild, and dangerous men and women.  We may make deals, agreements and relationships, but in the end the Corsairs only worry about what is best for The Corsairs, individually and as a group.  We welcome criminals, outcasts, warriors- any with a spirit of independence and a desire to get ahead at any cost.

IC Concept

Criminal acts, raids, drug deals, whatever. We're supposed to be the opposite of EarthGov, as well as a criminal/mercenary syndicate, so we want to expand our power and bring in cash as much as possible while avoiding having the military slam down on us. Recruit members and allies, rob people, cause trouble and have fun but don't go so far as to make the group unable to act. Fighting cops is good. Declaring open season on the cops without warning or real cause is stupid and likely to get you killed.

Everything we do should be aimed towards getting a gain for the individual and the group, so don't give anything away for free, never give lightly, and only cut a deal for better gains later. Feel free to haze the Jacks as hard as you can short of driving them out or killing them.

Drink, carouse, cause trouble... live the pirate life like you'd expect a self-interested band of ass-kickers with access to trans-orbital ships to act. Remember, too, that while normal pirates merely had to swing onto ships, we do things like board starships in transit and assault armed cruisers, so the average corsair should be gutsy, and smart.

Code of Conduct
I.  Every crewmember may speak, but every man must be willing to take the consequence of his actions. Talk of mutiny or betrayal will result in public repercussions.  We are united, or we are doomed.

II.  All crewmembers have equal title to food, liquors, medical, air, and board facilities of the Devils Due.  Camp followers are considered part of the board facilities.  We're all equal when it comes to basic needs.

II. Spoils of war and theft, as well as mercenary contract pay, will be divided between the crew that engaged in it.  A percentage should be paid back to the ship, of a reasonable amount (10% perhaps, or more depending on the size of the job) in credits and gear.  This will allow us to pay support staff, as well as equip troops in case of emergencies, as well as pay basic upkeeps of the ship.  The idea is to have every man carry his weight and earn what he deserves. Support staff will be taken care of as well, but every single member must do his part. 

III. Crew can go planetside at any time, but should look out for each others' wellbeing when outside the ship.  Fight, argue, carouse, but the outsiders should see us as a powerful force united.  We watch each others' backs because no one else will.

IV. Each Crew member is responsible for his own equipment's condition.  When planetside, display your armour and weapons proudly.  We want others to know we're not to be fucked with.  Crew should always be displaying the company logo, or at least a prominent piece of red, be it a shirt, bandanna, armband, whatever.

V. Cowardice will be punished with airlocking or a similar manner of being deprived of life and limb.

VI. Any conflicts or disagreements between crewmembers can be settled between crewmembers.  If said crew can't settle their differences quickly and without dramatics, they can fight it out with any sort of melee weapons they like, in a circle of equals. 

Fights should not be to the death of those involved and must be between only two people, meaning if the issue is between groups, they pick a champion.  The outcome of the fight (Someone gains an item, another shaves their head, etc) should be decided on ahead of , and once the combat is over any and all issues are considered final and done.  If reconciliation cannot be found, the Council will decide on the final outcome.  Failure to abide by a decision will be punished by the crew, collectively.

VII. Traitors are to be killed slowly and publicly.


All but Captain and Admiral are not ranks, per se.  They are a show of where a crewmember's strengths lie, and where they should be given deference.

Blood Jack - The Initiate rank. These are new recruits who haven't proven themselves enough to earn a role, and are awaiting testing, hazing, and related violences.

Corsair Rigger -Engineers, hackers, salvagers, cybernetic techs.  Anyone with a technical mind or skill is a rigger, and will be used to their fullest extent both for creation and destruction of mechanical or technological items.

Apothecary - Medics, these are the men and women who keep the Corsair crew patched up, alive, and in good (or stimmed) spirits.  This is a role both for support staff after the fact as well as battlefield medics.

Blood Raider - The frontline soldiers, they man the guns on the ground, the vehicle weapons, and everything between.  They are highly skilled in making other people cease living. 

Crow - Spies and thieves, the Crows (after Crow's Nest) do our information gathering and lighter fingered work.  This is not a role for ninjas who want to hide in a bush before leaping out with a chainsaw, but for the more subtle members.

Corsair Herald - Reporters, recruiters, hookers, propaganda spreaders, drug dealers.  “Facemen”, people who can work other people to get us allies, to trick or manipulate our enemies, spin our PR to make us always come out on top, or sell something that hooks people on what we have so they'll give anything to get more.

BC Captain - The second in commands, they are the ones who will, with the Admiral, make final decisions.  Though they lead the crew, they are not overlords that will run and micromanage every small aspect of life... instead they make the larger plans and ensure the crew is happy, healthy, and profitable.  In case of crew disagreements, the Captain is to be the final say.  Respect should be given, but respect for the position is not the same as subservience.

BC Admiral - The head of the Corsairs and leader of the Devil's Due, he will be the final say in any and all matters where it becomes needed.

OOC Rules

1 - Be active.  If you haven't shown up or RPed with other faction members for at least two weeks without giving us word (“hey, going to be offline for couple weeks”), then we'll start to think you are no longer interested in being in the group and have moved on.  We don't want to kick everyone that's not around for a little bit, but we want to try to keep only interested, active members.

2 - Don't Start Drama.  Got a problem?  Speak up, odds are a little OOC communication will set all to rights.  Don't be scared to drop someone an IM to clarify something, or if that fails, IM a Captain or the Admiral.  We want people to enjoy the faction and have fun with their roleplay, and we'll work with you on things within reason to help this happen.

3 - Don't metagame. This means both with general OOC actions and with alts. Don't use OOC information IC.  Feel free to play alts and do your thing, but don't use your alts in tandem to forward yourself IC. This means if you have a PMC alt and a Corsair alt? It's pretty poor form to have your PMC alt feeding gear to your corsair, or have your corsair be selling information to the PMC.  This is against sim rules as well and likely to get you banned. 

4 - Traitors. You can play a traitor, but if you want to be crooked, bent, or of divided loyalties, please give one of the group leaders a head's up OOC. This way we can work out ways to make it long-term fun instead of a little burst of IC drama signifying nothing or leading to nothing.

5 - Don't use major faction vehicles without the okay of a group leader and a GM. Buggies, bikes, basic vehicles are fine, but we don't want you breaking out a gunship every time you lose a fight.

7- Don't powergame or god mod.  Accept Consequences for your actions. This is a big one. We're happy to work out ways to make things fun, but if you do something that'll have major repercussions? Don't complain about them. Consent is important, but cannot be used as a shield to ensure you only get what you want. RP is about good and bad shit, some of it unintentional. Special Snowflakes that want to be the Mary Sue all the time need not apply.  If you can't handle your shit, don't start shit, basically.  Take your lumps and remember we can't win all the time and sometimes we're gonna lose and get looted ourselves, don't piss and moan and freak out.