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Bounty Hunter's Guild
Alignment Any
Territory Unknown

The Bounty Hunter's Guild is a long lasting exclusive organization or club for regulating the trade of bounty hunting ensures that hunters are both protected and works with local law enforcement agencies to provide special permits that enables a agent of the guild to carry out bounty hunting and guild activities without be arrested for vigilantism, as well as allow them to utilize heavy weapons and equipment that would normally be banned in most population centers. Each hunter's guild has a chapter on every planet, and each chapter has a Guild Master that is in charge of all operations for the chapter. The BHG, as it's called, has a strict set of regulations that all guild members must follow or face expulsion and loss of their bounty hunting permit.

Bounty Hunter's Guild Membership Regulations:

  • No interfering with another hunter's bounty unless asked.
  • Always kill or capture your bounty, never both.
  • Always aid another hunter if asked.
  • Capture by design, kill by necessity, never both.
  • Noone has bounties, only acquisitions have bounties.
  • Never hunt without a hunter's permit.
  • Never place bounties on other hunters. Bring your problems to the guild master.
  • We are noone's mercenaries or bodyguards.
  • Never let your bounty pay you off. Honor all contracts.

OOC Information

Anyone can freely join the Bounty Hunter's Guild who is within good standing with the law, has a colony issued ID chip, and has a bounty hunting permit. The group is open enrollment, and there are no leaders or applications to join. It is just a free utility group to discuss bounties.

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