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Colony Security
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Alignment Lawful Neutral
Territory Earth - Rise Colony

Colony Security (COLSEC)

During the meteoric rise of EarthGOV in the wake of the gate incident, the company took to building and restoring cities across the globe, which are referred to as colonies. Because these colonies are directly owned by EarthGOV, it was only natural for the company to seek methods of protecting their property. However, after the disaster at the gate incident, there was a dilemma in that around the globe, there were now more weapons than living beings. No ordinary police force could possibly manage to keep hyper-violent gangs of marauders and criminal enterprises at bay. In comes COLSEC. Given military training, equipment, and the promise of great paycheck, these officers devote themselves to protecting EarthGOV’s investments in Earth colonies.

The Yosemite Sector precinct was deployed en masse to aid in the Dawn Colony Crisis, during which hordes of Voidspawn had invaded the Gate District and surrounding areas of the colony. The result of this deployment was a catastrophic loss of life for the precinct, which had lost nearly all personnel in the event. Upon full evacuation, it was determined that those that served Dawn Colony, who survived the crisis, would replace Precinct 201's casualties and assume full authority over the Rise Colony Gate District.

Months following the event leadership changed hands for Colonel Jaden Osiris, a dedicated and decorated C-Sec officer who originally served in Dawn, to take over and head the department.

Colony Security requires an external application be submitted through a Google Form, and are read over by recruiters as they get to them. You can apply here!


Colony Security (COLSEC, or C-Sec) is the militarized enforcement arm of EarthGov, responsible for administration and adjudication of colony law across all EarthGov properties and holdings. The Rise Colony, Yosemite Sector, Precinct 201 of Colony Security is charged with the protection of the city's major Gate District and all properties deemed as owned and operated by EarthGov.


• “To Protect and Serve.”

Goals of COLSEC

Colony Security, as a faction, is responsible for ensuring that Rise Colony remains safe and secure for its citizens. This is often accomplished by the deployment of patrols around the colony, composed of no more than five officers each - depending on the situation level at the time. In times of emergency an even larger presence is required and deployed as needed.

(As the police security force, COLSEC is expected to contend with various criminals and organizations seeking to disrupt the peace. As such, it is considered a PvP faction in which players directly engage with one another in Remnants of Earth's dice-based combat. It is to be generally understood that any and all hostility is intended to remain in-character, only, with no harsh feelings ever projected in an out-of-character manner.

If players find themselves in a situation where they feel personally attacked or targeted by any member of C-Sec they are encouraged to reach out directly to the group's leadership with the full understanding that we're attempting to maintain a fair and approachable RP environment.)


Colony Security officers are expected to act professionally while considered "on duty" at all times. Camaraderie between C-Sec officers is to be expected, given that the general environment in which they will interact is largely a militaristic one. Treat your local officers with respect and it will be returned in kind to you, as it is a Colony Security officer's duty to ensure that not only are you safe and protected, but that your residence in Rise Colony remains as great as you make it out to be.

On Morality and Slavery

Colony Security's administration is not liable to regulate and officially censure members in regards to their personal morality on slavery - but it is, in fact, colony law that Slavery is allowed. Colony Security officers are responsible for authorizing the enslavement of an unchipped individual so long as the one who claims to own them has registered for a legal Slavers License.

Any further inquiries can be made at the front desk in the EarthGov Administration building of your local Rise Colony district.


The standard uniform of Colony Security is a white-colored dense polymer with black padding to provide extra protection to officers on duty, with additional stripes on the chestplate to denote their division. Its simplistic design allows for it to be wholly modular with additional hardpoints to allow for various modifications. Most officers forego the limb plating but maintain their chestpiece - as it is required for wear by all officers.

Duties of Colony Security Officers

ID Chips

One of the most prolific duties of a Colony Security officer is split between the department and EarthGov Corporate members - the act of installing a citizen's chip and activating their database profile. All new citizens are expected to come to the EarthGov Administration building of the district to apply for an ID Chip.

This process is done through collection of a new citizen's information and installation of an ID chip in an easily-scanned area - generally their left wrist, or in the case of cybernetics, close to their primary core. A database entry is then submitted, and maintained by Colony Security and EarthGov's administration.


Colony Security's Tactical Division is responsible for deploying patrols to maintain effective readiness and to provide force projection, to assure the citizens of Rise that C-Sec is there to protect them. These are usually effective to deter active crime from taking place, but as a consequence also places a target on officers who work together in groups - as it is not uncommon for patrols to be attacked.


The primary function of Colony Security's Support division is to investigate crime taking place across the colony, with duties commonly found in most major metropolitan police and security departments. Denoted by their yellow chest stripes, Investigations officers are expert sleuths and crime-solvers, utilizing all tools available to them to ensure criminals are caught and punished.

Armory and Quartermastery

Colony Security maintains an active armory from which gear is distributed on a daily basis to officers in need of equipping themselves for all threats yet to make themselves present in the colony.


Recruitment is done through the extranet, in which an applicant submits a form to be read over by Colony Security recruiters. Once contacted, an applicant is subjected to an interview by the recruiter who read over their submission, and is then determined if whether or not they'd be perfectly suited for the job. It's generally understood that any NCO's willing to put forward the time and effort are eligible to perform recruiting duties.

Alert Conditions and You

Depending on the progression of current events, your sector may be under one of five different Alert Condition Levels.

Alert Condition Level Five

The lowest Alert Condition level signifies true peace time in which colony citizens can rest assured that their local precinct has any possible threats completely contained. With the various threats around the world, this is rarely seen in all but the most isolated colonies. While it is true that possible threats may rear their ugly heads, even under "AlertCon Five," this level is achieved when any and all existential threats to the colony's safety are eradicated. During this level Colony Security assumes all police-related duties to maintain the peace in the colony.

Alert Condition Level Four

The next level of our Alert Condition is activated most commonly - when intelligence suggests that there is a possible threat to the Colony's safety. This activates Colony Security's paramilitary functions but keeps them largely on standby as the threat is assessed and determined. During this time, patrols become more frequent, but are still restrained from utilizing lethal means of take-down against criminal elements.

Alert Condition Level Three

Alert Condition Three is activated when the colony is about to face a significant threat. Paramilitary functions are more prevalent as armed patrols work to make sure that the colony's streets are kept largely safe.

Alert Condition Level Two

Alert Condition Two occurs in the rare occasion that a significant attack on the colony, or its infrastructure, has taken place - or intelligence suggests that it is imminent. During this period of activation, Colony Security steps away from policing and security duties to more fully assume a paramilitary posture.

Alert Condition Level One

The highest level of alert in which Colony Security has assumed a completely paramilitary posture in response to either an active, ongoing attack, or has decisive intelligence suggesting an immediate attack. During this period, the colony is generally under Martial Law, during which C-Sec officers are authorized to engage any potential threats with extreme prejudice.

Alert Condition One can only be activated upon EarthGov Board of Directors review of all intelligence surrounding possible, or imminent, threats.

Ranks and Pay Grades

The following is a thorough explanation in the ranks of Colony Security officers. The organization's ranking structure follows a rigid, militaristic progression in which personal achievements and time in service play a huge factor in the advancement of officers.

Enlisted Ranks

COLSEC Recruit

  • [E-0] Cadet (CDT)

Cadets are the fresh blood of Colony Security, awaiting their training or currently advancing through it. A cadet is largely considered untrained in Colony Security protocol except in some rare cases.

COLSEC Lower Enlisted

  • [E-1] Private (PVT)
  • [E-2] Private Second Class (PV2)
  • [E-3] Private First Class (PFC)
  • [E-4] Specialist (SPC)

As enlisted personnel, officers are given leeway to develop themselves as they see fit - and are also expected to adhere to their pertinent chain of command. While it is not expected of lower enlisted to conduct leadership roles while on duty, they are given the chance to display their leadership abilities if an NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) is unavailable to conduct duties.

COLSEC Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs)

  • [E-4A] Corporal (CPL)
  • [E-5] Sergeant
  • [E-6] Staff Sergeant

Upon promotion to E-4A, Colony Security officers are offered more authority over their peers to aid them in their day-to-day tasks. Duties of NCO's are varied by division - for example, Tactical NCO's are permitted to lead patrols without requiring authorization from superior officers, where Support NCO's oftentimes lead teams of investigators.


  • [E-7] Sergeant First Class
  • [E-8] Master Sergeant
  • [E-8A] First Sergeant
  • [E-9] Sergeant Major

Senior NCO's are the top-most experienced enlisted personnel of Colony Security, usually at the heads of their own squads, platoons, or assisting their divisional commanders in personnel management and training. Responsibilities for Senior NCO's quantify in relation to their positions within their respective divisions, but are generally expected to perform daily patrols, trainings, and other such auxiliary duties.

COLSEC Command Staff

Command Sergeant Major

  • [E-9A] Command Sergeant Major

There are generally two Command Sergeant Majors - one for Colony Security as a whole, and another for a Department - which is an auxiliary command rank given to the most senior enlisted member of Colony Security. The Department Command Sergeant Major is responsible for maintaining discipline within the enlisted personnel and to relay all matters and concerns up the chain of command to the rest of the command staff.

COLSEC Warrant Officers

  • [WO-1] Warrant Officer (WO)
  • [WO-2] Chief Warrant Officer, Grade Two (CWO2)
  • [WO-3] Chief Warrant Officer, Grade Three (CWO3)
  • [WO-4] Chief Warrant Officer, Grade Four (CWO4)
  • [WO-5] Chief Warrant Officer, Grade Five (CWO5)

Warrant Officers are generally assisting divisional commanders as their seconds, and are usually being prepared for their commissioning as Ranked Officers of Colony Security. They perform duties as given to them by their commanding officers and are in place to assist them in leading their divisions.

COLSEC Commissioned Officers

  • [O-1] Second Lieutenant (2LT)
  • [O-2] First Lieutenant (1LT)
  • [O-3] Captain (CPT)

Commissioned Officers of Colony Security have ranked authority; generally CO's are regarded as command staff, in leadership positions over entire divisions or as advisers to the Director. While they are not often expected to conduct patrols on their own, there is nothing from stopping them taking direct leadership over their personnel with a heavy hand.

COLSEC Directorate

  • [O-4] Major (MAJ)
  • [O-5] Lieutenant Colonel (LTC)
  • [O-6] Colonel (COL)

The leadership of a Colony Security precinct. The Director, Assistant Director, and Operations Chief serve as the top-end brass of the entire department, adjudicating over policy alongside the rest of their command staff to ensure a well-oiled machine keeps running to protect the safety of their colony's citizens.

Our Views Upon Other Factions

The Order

The Venusian Embassy is regarded as an ally to EarthGov.

The Hounds

A lawless, anarchistic group of wastelanders who loosely band together and play the part of so-called 'freedom fighters.' They may claim to be organized but no evidence has ever been provided to prove it. Frequent troublemakers inside of the colony, oftentimes finding themselves engaged with C-Sec patrols on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Also responsible for the most acts of violence necessitating the increase in Alert Condition levels to keep Colony Security on its toes.

Bounty Hunters and Marshals

Oftentimes considered a necessary evil in order to help Colony Security to bring in and adjudicate over wanted targets, Bounty Hunters are never really all that much different from C-Sec - whereas we follow a strict policy while they skate by any set of rules aside from the laws of the Colony. To that end, mercenary companies are also viewed in the same light - effectively parallel groups achieving the same end. The Marshal PMC exists in its own corner of the wasteland waiting for fortune calling, and will be on whatever action that would net them the most money.


While formerly relegated to remaining on their own ships out in space, the Pirates identified as "Blood Corsairs" attempted a daring attack on the Colony and its administrative building. Their intent was to remind us all that they were still here, and they were still very dangerous. Since then, run-ins with Pirates became more frequent. No intelligence had been provided on their leadership, but we understand that they're very organized, and starting to slowly drift more towards becoming far more militarized than previously believed.


Reports of there being some sort of crime syndicate working within the colony is not new, nor does it fall on completely deaf ears, but the people who associate themselves with "the family" have done an excellent job of stifling C-Sec investigations by providing absolutely no information on the ones they associate with. We don't know who they are, we don't know what they're even called. All we know is that they make a habit of putting public officials in their pockets, to push their own immoral agendas on the rest of the colony in order to benefit only themselves.

Mytharii Tribe

These odd cats would probably be welcome to live in the colony, but instead choose to live out in the wastes. As a neutral and non-violent entity, they are generally considered assets. From time to time, they have even assisted EarthGOV. However, being labelled as assets does not mean they are on the radar of EarthGOV’s directorship. They are seen by the company as insignificant.


A group of Magi that stays out in the wastes, largely out of prying eyes. So long as they don't endanger citizens with their study of magika, they're not considered a threat. The only reason we would have to keep an eye on them would be to make sure their study of Dark Magika doesn't cause another Dawn incident.

Additional Information

For more information on Colony Law, please refer to this section of your information pamphlets. We hope to keep your stay in Rise Colony safe and secure.