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Credit Chip

Credit Chips 001

Standard Credit Chips, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

The Universal Credit Chip or "UCC", most commonly referred to"Credit(s)" or "Cred(s)" is a basic form of currency. The term "Universal" is literal; the universal credit is the main form of currency that is accepted on any planet or nation within the known solar system, This law was established after the resource war ended and the System Alliance was formed, the Alliance Council started adopting it on all planets and governments that fall under system's peace treaty jurisdiction. The UCC was originally created as a private cryptocurrency, called Interglobal Credit Coins, by the mega corp, Interglobal Commerce. It was in heavy use by many banks before being given the backing of Alliance law. The symbol for a credit is a " ⋐ ". IE: 30,000⋐

The chips have several different colored markings in the middle; bronze, silver, and gold, these colors signify their worth/value and also have a tiny screen read out, to show the remaining balance. Bronze being the lowest amount, only holding a minimum of 0 Credits with a maximum of 500⋐, while a gold plated chip holds a minimum of of 1000⋐ credits and a maximum of 100,000,000⋐. Credits can be added or deducted from a credit chip and used just like a credit card while being completely disposable at the same time. These chips utilize blockchain technology and operate as a physical, limited cryptocurrency wallet. Once a chip reaches its minimum, in order to vacate the remaining balance, the value must be transferred to smaller denomination wallets (physical chips) or be deposited into a bank wallet (non-physical account).


A standard Mega Credit

A Mega Credit is a special chip with a rainbow marking and gold plated edges, that have no limit capacity, and are usually exchanged for high end deals; such as real estate, business to business transactions, family bonds, life savings, banking deposits, large money orders, IOUs, etc. Some businesses and vendors only accept this currency. Usually, only the extremely wealthy utilize these chips.

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