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Isis Station

The Isis station is a massive interplanetary hub, erected for the purpose of housing Humans escaping Earth for a better world when Earth was depleted. They would reside there during the colonization of Mars, but only those who could afford to live in such luxury. The rest were left on Earth to wither away.


Inside the Isis Station Biom-1

The Isis station serves now, not only as a hub for all races, but houses EarthGOV Corp's main headquarters, the System Alliance and it's judges, an interstellar space port overseeing travels between Earth and Mars, and millions of wealthy citizens and corporations. They live a life of luxury in a plush, thriving utopia with no care of the hell that their old world, Earth, has turned into. Only the super rich can live on the Isis station, the smallest plot of land can cost nearly 50,000,000 credits. Mainly only CEOs, celebrities, EarthGOV's highest ranks and the super elite, with clean criminal records, and no illnesses, are able to take residence here. There is little crime or sickness on the station.

The Isis station consists of large bio-house rings around the main structure that houses it's residents. Inside these rings are enormous, lush, artificial bioms, one for each season: Winter, Fall, Summer and Spring. A resident can choose to live in one of these types of bioms. Each has artificial mountains, trees, lakes, rivers, plants and more.

Both the Isis Station and Earth are protected by a massive fleet of T.A.F. naval service vessels, a special base and dock is also on the Station where they can deploy from. A defense grid and planetary guns also assist in the defense.


Another lush biom within Isis Station.

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