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Mytharii Tribe
Alignment Chaotic Good/Neutral
Territory Earth - Mytharii Village

The members of the Mytharii Tribe work together in a tight-knit tribal or clan-like community among the outskirts of cities, only entering them to scavenge and collect. They are will extremely territorial and will relentlessly protect their territories at any cost, using over whelming numbers to attack and achieve victory, because a fellow brotherhood is the most important thing to any Mytharii. It is programmed into their very being. They never leave their brothers or sisters behind, They fight for the greater good of all Mytharii with extreme discipline and prowess. Attacking a Mytharii means you will be attacking the entire tribe. Only the Mytharii Elders can accept members into the tribe, outsiders are shunned, only their own brothers and sisters can join the ranks of the clan. Meaning only Mytharii can join this faction, However some outsiders who have served the clan and proved themselves to the elders will be gifted special medallions to mark them as trusted allies of the clan, allowing them to associate and work along side the Mytharii clan, however this access is still limited.

Code of the Cat

"Hel'cathra" Mytharii Tribe Code of Brotherhood

Please IM or Notecard Ixyrra or Zeelasoulstar regarding inquiries and interests for the Mytharii Tribe faction. (All recruits will start out as prospects and will earn their promotions through actions and deeds. We only recruit ICly, so don't hesitate to find us.)

"For the greater good! For the Mytharii and for me!"

• Training
• Discipline
• Determination
• Brotherhood
• Freedom
• Ritual
• Scavenge
• Honor

• We are the Mytharii, We are one, we are strong. We honor brotherhood and train everyday to reach our goals and extend our reach to the stars.

• Scavenging and hunting when needed, Pray to the gods, The thrill of the hunt our our lives.

• Defending our stronghold.

• We honor all battles as a challenge, if we fail we must train harder, become tougher, we do not give up. We never run, we do not back down. Never dishonor the clan or your brothers and sisters.

• Always maintain your composure, remain calm, be as one with your brothers and sisters. Fight only when necessary. Fight for the greater good of us all, fight for what is right, fight for your heart.

• Teach our ways to the little ones, bring this universe together as one. For the greater good.

We typically can be seen wearing dirty cloths, loin cloths, heavy jewelry, turbans, decorative tribal clothes or armor, metal armor. warpaint, and even ancient Mytharii technology and armors may be worn. The influence of of other cultures however is ever prevalent, so more 'modern' clothing is also acceptable.

Scavenging, collecting, picking, hunting. We are always bringing in supplies from the outsiders that dump them off. Try not to get too close to them!

Selling, trading, buying. We are always trying to cut a deal, the clan needs credits and food too! A lot of Mytharii are seasoned merchants while others are warriors or healers.

Defending and protecting, Theres a warrior in every Mytharii, from the moment they are born. Fighting for our lands or our peace is common place.

Once a player wants to join, roleplay with them and then bring them to the the Elders or the Alphas. Induct them any way you see fit, through trials of training, arena battles, or with quests and tasks. any ritual/series of tasks the elders or alphas deem necessary

There is no application process for this faction, you must roleplay your way in by gaining our trust.

1 → Alpha: These are the alphacats of the tribe, they are the supreme leaders and their word is law, disobeying them is extremely shunned within the Mytharii culture. However, every so often an Alpha can be challenge for his/her seat of power and a newer, stronger, younger alpha may step up to the plate. This ritual normally takes place in a planned duel between the two. There is typically only 1-3 Alpha's in any tribe, max.

2 → Elder: These are the clan's wisest, most respected and most trusted members. Since they are so respected, alot of Mytharii will view them as second leaders or seek their guidance on a matter. They will educate the younger or new members. (Elders don't have to be old)

3 → Beta: Seasoned Mytharii clansmen. These members are well respected and act as leaders in the field or on the go. They have some authority to call the shots, but must go through the Alphas or the Elders first. They often train and help normal tribal members under them and will protect them at any cost. Showing them the way and lighting their path. Betas still work alongside the Tribal and will travel with them to keep them in check. Betas will often test and send Tribals and Prospects on quests or missions, then report their performance to the Elders or Alphas.

4 → Tribal: These guys are the backbone of the tribe. They are the grunts, they do the heavy lifting, serving the tribe with everything they have in them. They do the brunt of the scavenging and collecting for the tribe. They also serve as scouts and defenders, and when necessary; soldiers. They are trained often, and tested constantly. They are kept sharp and disciplined so they may handle any situation.

5 → Prospect: Prospects are thought of as 'recruits'. Fresh meat that has to prove their worth to the Alphas to be considered a full member. From day one, til the day the graduate from this position, they are taught the ins and outs of the clan, and about brotherhood and honor. They are never allowed to rest, they are put to the test all day and night, if they cannot keep up with the standards of Mytharii, they may not be one of the tribesmen. Only Betas and Alphas can give Prospects tasks or quests to perform. Those that complete these quests gain full membership into the clan. It should be any Mytharii's proudest moment. These are the lowest of the low, but not lower than Trusted members. Brotherhood is blood deep.

6 → Trusted: Trusted members are outsiders that may not join the clan officially, but may work with, follow, and help the clan, even allowed to stand on Mytharii Tribe territory. They are even under prospective members due to the Mytharii's ritual for brotherhood. If you are not a Mytharii, you are not part of their brotherhood. Only Alphas can bestow an outsider as "trusted" and will mark them with a special item called "Hel'cathra_Medallion_(Permanent)" That they may show to prove their status with the clan.