Introduction to Neon Demon

The Neon Demon, also known as "The Demon", is a seedy establishment located in the dank sectors of the colony, where drinks are served, strippers dance, and escorts conduct their business. It is rumored that the criminal organization, Ex Praeda, has a hand in controlling this establishment. It is a hotspot for colonists to take a load off and serves as a rumor mill as well. Both rich and poor can be seen here.

Services at Neon Demon

Open bar

Food and Drink are served at the bar for a credit fee. Servers craft food items and serve it to patrons. It is one of the main places to get food from in the colony. Bartenders operate this job.

Strip shows

Basic entertainment where entertainers strip for credit tips and profit. Serves no mechanical feature. Entertainers operate this job.


Some entertainers may preform sexual intercourse with patrons who are willing to pay higher prices, Entertainers operate this job.

Rumor Mongering

People talk and spread news from around town, This place is a great place to go to catch up on gossip or tips. Players themselves operate this service.


Neon Demon is heavily secured by heavies, patrons who are not banned can expect to come here and feel relatively safe while here. Bouncers operate this job.

Jobs at Neon Demon


Entertainers have a wide range of activities, they often greet, serve, strip, and even provide escorting services to potential customers. They are the backbone of the establishment and are the main reason customers come back for more.


Bouncers ensure protection of the club itself, its property, its staff and its patrons. The life of staff and bystanders are priority over all else. Duties at the ND are risky, but dangerous. However, the more security presence we have at any given time the less risky things become for you and the club. Handcuffs are also your best friend. Bouncers will confiscate weapons and contraband at the door.

Members of Security may request the following Equipment be issued to them:

  • Adhesive_Grenade
  • EMP_Grenade
  • Flashbang_Grenade
  • Smoke_Grenade
  • Flare
  • Hand_Cuffs
  • Rubber_Bullets
  • Flash_Light_(Permanent)
  • S_s_Pistol_Class_(Permanent)
  • S_s_StunGun_Class_(Permanent)
  • S_s_Stun_Class_(Permanent)
  • ID_Scanner_(Permanent)

Bartender and Cooks

Bartenders are essentially item crafters who specialize in making food and drink items for players who are willing to pay. This is pretty important due in part to the fact that food and drink items give players buffs and additional stat effects. This job is extremely important and one of the establishment's main income source. They sit behind the bar and serve patrons who wish to eat or drink, They often work along side the Entertainers to serve food or drink from across the room. They may also harbor info, tips, or rumors to share with patrons if they are willing to pay a little extra.

Misc. Information

Renting out rooms

Customers can request use of a private room or bath slot, do nothing until they have paid first. For all goods and services. The rooms are time based. The profits are split between the entertainer and the establishment, so be sure to tip.

Neon Demon Application and joining

Please read whole wiki before applying. Applying is only one stage, you still must meet with head staff Icly after filling this out.

Recruiters shall contact you Icly to arrange a interview time and date.

Neon Demon Application

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