This titler is intended to be a minimum-effort, minimum-impact titler that shares it's syntax with common roleplay titlers, such as Nomad. The commands are as follows:

@title Your Title Here

/9@title Your Title Here

    Sets your title! You can use \n or ¶ for newlines.

    (Alt+20 on numpad to enter a pilcrow ¶ manually.)

@color 0.5 0.75 1

/9@color 0.5 0.75 1

    Changes your title color,  with R,G,B = 0~1 (LSL color)

@color 128 192 256

/9@color 128 192 256

    Changes your title color,  with R,G,B = 0~256 (RGB color)

@hp Amount

/9@hp Amount

    SHOW your health at the specified number.



    HIDE the health display.



    Shows this card!


Q:What should I enter in my titler?

A:Include things like name, Affiliation, Race, Alignment, Racials, Equipped Magika, Equipped Permanent items, your wound status, and for those smelly folks, even SCENT! Please do not make up your own abilities/magika or equipment in your titler, only place in what you have with the inventory system to avoid player confusion. It's completely optional if you want to include your equipment and magika in your titler if you want to avoid other players metagaming that information.

Here's my example, use it to help you get started:

@title Jubal Quintus¶♂ Human ♂¶Equipment: [Pistol][Magika Hood]¶Appears Healthy

Line one: FactionTitle/Name

Line two: Gender//Race//Alignment

Line three: Racials or equipment mods (Optional)

Line four: Equipped Permanents in your inventory (Optional)

Line five: Magika [SlotA][SlotB][SlotC] -slot D for Drevii

Line six: Wound Status and Time

Q:What if I don't want the green diamond to show over my head?

A:The item is mod, just turn it invisible and reduce glow.