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The First System War, AKA The Resource War

Battle Tech 2 by SC4V3NG3R

two enemy factions during the first system war in combat

The first System War was a massive interplanetary resource and territory conflict over Martian territories during the colonization of Mars between several species, races, and corporations that not only eventually lead to the creation and founding of several planetary governments, but also the destruction of the first interstellar gate and Earth's Moon, causing catastrophic damage to Earth. Dubbed the "Gate Incident", it directly caused the foundation of the EarthGOV Corporation.

The conflict lasted from 2089 CE to 2123 CE. At the end of the war, all planetary governments involved (Venusian Imperium, TeraCo. (EarthGOV), Anvil Coalition, Anshirii Collective, and Mythra Alliance) signed a treaty of peace and formed the System Alliance, a sort of space NATO organization and military with a council of judges from each planet's government.

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