Corrupted mutant wolf who wears a mask made from a canine skull.

Magika researcher that likes to teach and instruct on a person by person basis. Specializes in dark and corruption related studies and effects. One of the most knowledgeable on the subject, period.

"Doctor Vesaria Hextail, at your service..."


Vesaria is a small black furred wolf mutant who always wears a skull mask which covers her true face. -Touching this mask is a horribly bad idea.-  Fur appears dull with hints of purple while her flesh itself appears marred by entropy and the various faintly glowing purple crystal formations about her form. Even her horns bear them. Despite having many formations about her body most of them are isolated on her right arm and right shoulder. These crystals can be observed to move or change between meetings with her implying that she has some control over them, or perhaps not? Her eyes and crystals have a tendency to emit a faint purple glow, usually changing when she is focusing or casting.

Distinct glowing runic marks display about the right side of her body forming various strange patterns, they tend to mix with her crystals. Gravitating towards formal attire at almost all times it is a rare sight to see her reveal herself physically.

Should someone touch her she will be found quite cold and almost corpselike. She clearly does not eat enough, almost appearing sickly or ill. While she is certainly not unwell herself, the canine’s presence is certainly... discomforting to others.

"Yes, the crystals are Dark Magika... No, they do not hurt."


Noticeably dislikes crowds and groups of people... a lot. Usually very quiet around them or will even go as far as to slip away if she is 'trapped' in a mass.

Tends to 'zone out' at times as if lost in her head, seems to freak out or react rather poorly if touched during these moments of drifting thoughts.

Observed to have a crippling fear of explosives and explosive based weapons.

Strangely refuses food or drinks when they are offered by others.

Known by some as the former Blood Corsairs Academy Commander and Squad Leader. Holds very negative opinion of the Corsairs and seems to not like them being discussed with how she speaks of them despite all she has done for them.

Contestant and winner of a publicized game show known as Dink or No Dink. Who wears power armor on television let alone a game show... apparently she does. Obviously she looks quite a bit different since this appearance.

Stared in a performance with The King of Husks to ‘open’ the Year-end Carnival in the Undercity, this performance was secretly a void ritual that resulted in leaving her fully Corrupted.

The first individual to discover and report a Yellow Void-creature, later known as Snickers. The one that ran around 'borrowing' traits and features of other people, yes... She proceeded to make a public deal/exchange for her own safety with Snickers by giving them one can of Dinko: Quantum Overdose. This was encouraged by Col-Sec personnel and only done out of theorized risk of what could come if Snickers had 'borrowed' from her.

Seen taking part in the Undercity 'riots' taking a direct defensive stance with The Sanctum against Colony Security as well as The Order, of course using highly specialized Dark Magika in said defense. Notably against the Col-Sec Director. Somehow managed to apparently not only avoid being stripped of citizenship and avoid being sentenced but continue to work for Earth-Gov as well after the said riots. Obviously under some very binding contracts and guidelines.

One of the first mortals to learn the name of the Yellow Void Goddess: Jion. This feat accomplished with two others at a secret Yellow affiliated location after summoning Snickers for questioning. After much passive studying of Snickers, she also contributed to the discovery that the mortal plane can in turn 'corrupt' Void Creatures just as the various Voids and their influences can corrupt mortals. So far she has not disclosed any of this to anyone.


Most things involving Magika especially Dark. Non-stone Magika included.

Maintaining top understanding of Corrupted individuals.

Void and Voidling related studies.

"One can never know too much..."


Relation to: Blood Corsairs: Die.

Relation to: Colony Security (COLSEC): Have a few good friends in there and arguably spend more time with Col-Sec members than I do with coworkers when I am in the colony. A certain few members have saved my ass a few times... while others continue to disappoint me. Many... disappoint me.

Relation to: EarthGOV: Keeps me relatively safe on paper and allows me to continue my research. Not like they could hinder me anyways. Wise are the ones who actively discriminate against a valued asset...

Relation to: Ex Praeda: I beg your pardon?~

Relation to: JunkHounds: Their leaders have shown wisdom, shame as a group they can be a touch chaotic. They treat my allies as well as myself well, I respect that.

Relation to: Marshals: What? You want me to associate with spineless sellouts?

Relation to: Mytharii Tribe: Indifferent.

Relation to: The Order: Myopic… worthless cowards, obsessed zealots that will squander their efforts on those who seek to prepare for what is to come. They will kill themselves with time and hopefully not me in the end.

Relation to: The Sanctum: You're seriously asking -ME- that?~

"Give me a reason to care or be another in the crowd. It matters little."